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About Us

At Purely Puppies, the health of your puppy is our paramount focus. We believe caring for puppies and their parents on a daily basis is about more than just government standards and health evaluations. We closely manage breeding practices from start to finish; this includes food, water, vaccinations, medications, and overall health and wellness, and extends to ongoing socialization, exercise, and physical enrichment.

It all starts with choosing our partner breeders. In order to achieve such standards, all breeders must adhere to the following 4 policies:

Veterinary Care

We require every breeder to maintain a formal relationship with an attending USDA-accredited veterinarian to maintain a Program of Veterinary Care for each breeding dog and its puppies. Breeders are also required to follow a minimum vaccination and deworming schedule, established by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) for all puppies and parents.


The living spaces for every dog must meet our standards. Some of the many factors we monitor include size, pet-friendly materials, aesthetics, ventilation, temperature, noise, flooring, bedding, lighting, cleaning, pest control, outdoor facilities, and more.

Training of Staff

We require every breeder to maintain adequate staffing to provide regular, quality care for every puppy and parent, and to conduct ongoing comprehensive training for all staff.

Regular Check-Ins

We stay in regular contact with our breeders, monitoring the quality of the operations and the adherence to our breeding standards, as well as those of the USDA. Continuous surprise visits are performed to verify such policies and procedures are being met.