We are open by Appointment only.  Schedule a time by calling us at 724-304-0396 or emailing us to arrange a time.

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Purely Puppies is excited to help you with adding the perfect new companion into your home. We treat all dogs like family, so we will always go the extra mile to help you find the puppy that best fits your lifestyle and home.

Browse Purely Puppies’ selection of adorable, healthy puppies and discover your perfect furever companion. With our rigorous breeder screening process, dedicated support, and expertise in getting the puppy to you, you’ll find peace of mind knowing you’re getting a well-cared for puppy from a trusted source.

All puppies at Purely Puppies have arrived seamlessly and safely through our private ground delivery travel network. Each vehicle is properly outfitted with a professional driver, as well as custom setups to provide a comfortable, temperature-controlled, healthy atmosphere for each puppy.

All transportation staff are properly trained to care for the puppies during travel. Having our expert-trained staff involved during the entire process eliminates as many unwanted variables as possible and ensures proper transport and delivery.

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